The Fixer

fix er | fik-sǝr

:a person who gets things done :a problem solver
:impossible deadline maker :organizational genius

Tammy Strickling 

Today more than ever individuals and companies need people they can rely on and trust.  Being results-oriented and getting a project done on time is what matters when it’s all said and done. Hiring someone as an employee may not always be your best option depending on the task, project, or level of support you are looking for.

I have been getting things done, solving problems (“The Fixer”), and providing a unique level of project support for individuals, entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations for over ten years. I have a unique gift for helping people complete time-sensitive tasks and difficult projects. As they say “time is money” and I’ve created my business to help people save their time.

if you have a task, project or unique challenge that you need help with, then let’s chat. Click here to schedule a 15-minute call. 

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Time is Money
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We help people, companies, and organizations.

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